Dogs of Academia (+ more)

I have met many, many good doggos and puppers, and wanted to keep track of all of them because dogs are the best creatures on this planet.

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(Is this just a huge ploy to get more people to tweet me pictures of their dog? Yes.)



human: Tanvi Bajpai

Golden Doodle.

Very very pretty.

The jock of the Bajpai Family. The favorite of the Bajpai children.

She is an incredibly smart dog who is also astonishingly bad at remembering glass doors.

human: Nathan Beckmann


Literal walking clouds.

CMU Puppers, can be found near Gates

Arya is afraid of heights. She likes to take naps on her back in her office.

Baphy likes to explore because the world is new for him. Also enjoys chewing papers.

(Special thanks to Harlene Samra for writing this bio, since she knows the corgum better than I do)


Baphomet (aka Baphy)




aka - The Corgum



humans: Umut and Katerina Acar

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

Incredibly handsome.

Very friendly and playful and excited.

Has a great sense of humor. Is a true alpha.

Good at remembering names.

humans: Heather Miller and Daniel Klug


Absurdly photogenic.

Has the cutest puppy snores.

Local expert at climbing stairs.

Can come off as lazy, but is secretly plotting great things.

Likes to take naps in the middle of busy streets.