— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) March 31, 2019

i spent way too much money on domains tbh

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 1, 2019

thanks continued:

Mor, Anupam, Amy, and Anil (again) for letting me use their offices
Everyone I told who kept it a secret
The nice SCS operations man (I think his name is Lynn)
The Mariachi band

(this entire tweet will be hilarious if this prank fails but oh well)

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 1, 2019

oh also thanks to Mary for giving us the step ladder otherwise we'd probably get hurt :o

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 1, 2019

Some background for the Function™ coup: The intro FP (150) course at CMU has course staff jackets with 'Functions are Values' written on the back, for obvious reasons.

Last year, the intro Imperative Programming course took it upon themselves to make THE SAME EXACT jacket, BUT

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019

THAT WAS, UNTIL 150 DECIDED TO MAKE HATS. YES, YOU HEARD ME, HATS, that say 'Functions are Values.'

NOW, not only could you see their slogan on the back, but now you had a 360 view of it

some background about me: I live with 3 150 TAs, and I'm friends with a bunch of others pic.twitter.com/Lb3aDvR2OB

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019

So, this morning, I went and posted a bunch of these 'Functions are overrated' posters around gates, in full view of the Pausch bridge

but my plan didnt just start there

you see, the one thing 150 forgot to do when launching their function campaign was to buy their domain name pic.twitter.com/vK5S3UJvoO

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019

BUT worry not - as you can see, I didn't forget about our imperative friends either: https://t.co/l1FvbZCmgt

AND, I decided that, just for fun, why not take 210 (parallel algorithms)'s course slogan's domain too: (this is my favorite btw)https://t.co/823KHj33oG

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019

and claimed the domain https://t.co/BUgkrm43pV

which is fine

I'm going to grad school, I'm not made of money; I already bought 7 domains in total over the weekend:
the ones above +https://t.co/cIfYNfBjr6https://t.co/rADRgrN7TYhttps://t.co/wlP9Mi6aQ7https://t.co/i65xop1FYA

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019

BUT, that wasn't the only prank today

One of my coolest friends and my (former) compilers partner and partner-in-crime in general, Matthew Salim, (who helped me immensely with my prank) pulled a wholesome prank of his own to thank some of the most important people at SCS: pic.twitter.com/OyjCs94Oyk

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019

anyways, check Matthew's website out, he is a great guy who will be sticking around Pittsburgh to work at @duolingo (they are EXTREMELY lucky to have him)https://t.co/hwAzecEB4D

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019


HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! I hope more underclassmen pull pranks next year, and I hope to have successfully incited a course staff prank war ;)

— tanvi bajpai (@OfficialTanvi) April 2, 2019